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The Courtesans of literature

read 'em and weep

The Courtesans of Literature
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Hello and welcome. This community is based off of the premise of 50bookchallenge with smaller more specialized membership and our own customized rules. The standard challenge is 52 books a year or one book per week. I myself am making 12 books (1 per month) non fiction, but that is not mandatory. Stuff you will see here:

-book reviews (I hope)
-challenge updates
-short fiction posted for peer review
-non fiction posted for review?

Here be the rules:

1. Your books need to be books that you have never read before or a thte very least never finished.

2. You can reread a book that you began before the new year as long as you have not finished it - the catch is, you have to start it from the beginning.

3. Post your challenge by way of intro - You can aim for anything you like numbers wise.

4. Graphic novels and comics only count if they are bound in a larger size like a trade paperback, or are counted as a whole collection.

Post your challenges and join in!

For Writers:
we are working on a writing challenge too - so far we have decided on 2 thousand words a month minimum to complete the challenge. Now, this can be in shorter pieces; we are looking for cumulative output. And you have to post your stuff or link to it, cause I'm nosy ;)